Salon Culture - the 'A Trip to Mars' Exercise



We all know that the last month of two has been super stressful! Hopefully for those of us in Australia and New Zealand there's light at the end of this tunnel.

One area that the recent stress test has taught us is that our Salon Culture is critical to our success. How's your salon culture held up under pressure? Has your team delighted you or surprised you in some way?

In this webinar we look at your salon's Team Culture and use an exercise called 'Mission to Mars' to help your team and yourself uncover what your true Values are. These may surprise you

We use an exercise called 'Mission to Mars' to workshop outr team's values every six months or so. Here's how it goes...

Sit your entire team down (in front of remote screens if needed) and let them know you'll be doing a 30min 'Team Values' brainstorm. Let them know that every team members input is needed and required to make this work.

Read them this exercise..."Humans are set to colonise Mars for the first time. Your...

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Salon Dress Code - what do you do?

culture hr salon team Jan 02, 2020
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