Salon Retail Stock - SWOT


Salon Retail is an important part of your salon business - it's the second largest income stream for most salons and is a business within your business.

This is an area that with energy and focus more profit can be made in an instant.

In this weeks project its time to to a Retail SWOT:

Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats

Let's start at the start - ask yourself these questions in regard to your retail offerings;

  • Do you have your offerings correct?  By that we mean, is what is on your shelf appealing and welcomed enthusiastically by your clientele?
  • Are you covering brands or lines that cover Fashion, Fun and Science?
  • Are you actually profitable on your current retail lines?
  • What margins are do you currently have?
  • What commission structure do you have in place with your staff for retail sales?

Below is some questions and checks to implement your own Salon Retail SWOT and where possible make sure you answer the questions with data from your...

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