KPI’s for Your Salon Business aka Key Performance Indicators - What Do We Measure and Why?

kpis Aug 16, 2021

Today we explored creating a set of KPI’s for your business aka Key Performance Indicators.

The first step to coach, lift, motivate and give focus to your team is to have a professional set of standards as 'voted' by their clients.

So what are your standards?

Do you know what the 'average ticket' value your team should be aiming for?

The same goes for daily client numbers, rebooking, retailing, service turn over and the list goes on!

It's important to know as a salon leader what KPI’s you and your team are aiming for. If you don't know - how can they know if they're winning or missing?

Points to remember;

  • make sure your team understands the KPI’s that you have set up.
  • be consistent when creating your reportable charts.
  • Mine your data... your computer software system will provide you with all the data you are looking or. Get in there and organise it on a separate report that you've designed for your unique business.
  • present to your team weekly KPI’s at the...
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