Covid-19 - Did Your Decision Making Under Pressure Hold Up?

This week in the Covid-19 pandemic we recap the Australian situation in regards to announced supports including Job Seeker, Job Keeper and commercial rents . All have yet to be set in by law but we are expecting the legislation sometime on Wednesday this week.

Details of all of this will be covered in depth once the legislation has been passed.

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In the last few weeks we've all been under 'once in a lifetime' pressure and stress from the Covid-19 pandemic. It's really not surprising that under this enormous stress load some of our decision making has been off track at times.

Here's the process we use to make decisions reliably and consistently even under this type of duress; 

Decision Making

  • What are the known factors?
  • Do I have Enough information to make a decision?
  • Am I too emotional or overwhelmed to make a decision?

Once you are confident that you have enough information - make your...

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Covid-19 - Must do Checklist to Prepare Your Salon for the Crisis (Australian Focused)

Regardless of if you are Open or Closed, you have a lot to do today... yes today... as in there's no way you should delay these tasks.


For Your Business

Things for you to do immediately are:

  • write to your commercial landlord and begin discussions on easing or eliminating rent for the next 3-6 months. As the PM has said -start the conversation.
  • contact your bank and pause any business loans. Also ask to freeze merchant fees.
  • contact the ATO and be clear as to your commitments to them over the next six months. They're there to help so don't be shy in asking for payment freezes etc.
  • contact your utilities providers: power, gas, telephone, internet, water etc. Ask them if they have Covid 19 aid available.
  • research, research, research... there's a lot of packages coming out and there's constant change. Only take your information from the Government's websites - anything else is unreliable at this stage. Look into every area and stay up to date. Make sure you have the current...
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