Salon Culture - the 'A Trip to Mars' Exercise



We all know that the last month of two has been super stressful! Hopefully for those of us in Australia and New Zealand there's light at the end of this tunnel.

One area that the recent stress test has taught us is that our Salon Culture is critical to our success. How's your salon culture held up under pressure? Has your team delighted you or surprised you in some way?

In this webinar we look at your salon's Team Culture and use an exercise called 'Mission to Mars' to help your team and yourself uncover what your true Values are. These may surprise you

We use an exercise called 'Mission to Mars' to workshop outr team's values every six months or so. Here's how it goes...

Sit your entire team down (in front of remote screens if needed) and let them know you'll be doing a 30min 'Team Values' brainstorm. Let them know that every team members input is needed and required to make this work.

Read them this exercise..."Humans are set to colonise Mars for the first time. Your...

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Keeping Your Salon Workplace Connected!

Communication – Leadership – Information Sharing – Support


Over-communicate … yep, it’s a word … add this to your new list of ‘vocab’ we have learnt since COVID-19.


In a time like no other, we all need to stay connected, and specifically in the hairdressing industry workplace. With spaced out rosters, salon closures, re-openings, developing and changing information, our workforce needs your salon owner leadership.

If you are a leader in your workplace, now is the time to lead, connect, share information and offer support to your workplace and team.

It’s time to make communication personal with your team! May I add it’s time to over-communicate! Forget emails … let’s get face to face using technology.



Team video catch-ups

Zoom catch-ups! Video technology like Zoom allows you to stay visually connected … and let’s face it, hairdressers are visual people at the core!...

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Is Covid-19 the Ultimate Cleansing Storm - What Can we Learn From This For Your Salon Business?

Is Covid-19 the Ultimate Cleansing Storm - What Can we Learn From This For Your Salon Business?


This current unprecedented disruption to our businesses and our lives may just give us all an opportunity to reflect, rethink and ultimately rebirth our salons.

The Covid-19 pandemic might just have a silver lining  in amongst the darkness it's  bought to us all. This week we explore - what we can learn from this.


PLUS - we'll recap Job Keeper, Job Seeker and the Commercial rents relief package.


The content or this week's webinar are:

  • Recap - Last Week's 'to do list'... have you got that all completed to ensure your 'house' is in order?
  • Job Keeper explained. Now that this is passed through Parliament what do we know? 
  • Commercial Rentals explained. How this works and is it linked to Job Keeper?
  • Your Questions on the above.


Then in the next segment we ask 

'Is Covid-19 the Ultimate 'Cleansing Storm' -and 'What Can...

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Doing Salon Business with the Keeleys - HairBiz article

 We're so flattered and humbled by this article in Hair Biz magazine this month. Thank you to the editors for featuring our journey in the Salon Business world with your readers. We thought we'd share the article here also...

Doing Business with the Keeleys

'It’s one of the industry’s most well-known surnames and it’s synonymous with salon business success. Carl and Belinda Keeley are industry veterans who have mastered both the creative and business sides of the industry, and walked their talk building several highly successful businesses along their almost-17-year journey.'

'They’ve been sharing their knowledge with other salon owners for years but, having launched their most recent membership program, ‘Salon Business By The Keeleys’, we thought it was about time we learned a little more.'

'Hair Biz Editor, Kym Krey spoke with Carl and Belinda Keeley recently.'




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Personal Branding 🤣


Today’s vibe!!!! May delete later ‍.....let’s talk personal branding!!!! Mum bun in full swing ‍.....Authentic.....You do you.....Stay in your own laneDrop me a comment Good-vibes only

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Salon Owners - How many clients do you do a week?


As a hairdressing salon owner I frequently get asked how many days do I do in the floor? Dose it really matter? What matters is finding YOUR balance! Finding your goals and what it will need of you! Working on vs Working in your salons! It can be tricky and over the years that balance is allowed to change or grow or evolve. Creative leaderships on your salon floor should never be undervalued as a powerful business tool! .

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Surrounding yourself with like minded people 💕

gratitude inspiration Jan 02, 2020

This chat was inspired by the @originalqueeni @originalmineral entrepreneur women’s lunch thank u so much for inviting me and to the kick ass women who attended are all an inspiration to me  

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How do You Pick Your Salon's Retail Lines?

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Salon Dress Code - what do you do?

culture hr salon team Jan 02, 2020
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