Covid-19 - Did Your Decision Making Under Pressure Hold Up?

This week in the Covid-19 pandemic we recap the Australian situation in regards to announced supports including Job Seeker, Job Keeper and commercial rents . All have yet to be set in by law but we are expecting the legislation sometime on Wednesday this week.

Details of all of this will be covered in depth once the legislation has been passed.

Check out the full episode on the website: 


In the last few weeks we've all been under 'once in a lifetime' pressure and stress from the Covid-19 pandemic. It's really not surprising that under this enormous stress load some of our decision making has been off track at times.

Here's the process we use to make decisions reliably and consistently even under this type of duress; 

Decision Making

  • What are the known factors?
  • Do I have Enough information to make a decision?
  • Am I too emotional or overwhelmed to make a decision?

Once you are confident that you have enough information - make your...

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KPI’s for Your Salon Business aka Key Performance Indicators - What Do We Measure and Why?

kpis Aug 16, 2021

Today we explored creating a set of KPI’s for your business aka Key Performance Indicators.

The first step to coach, lift, motivate and give focus to your team is to have a professional set of standards as 'voted' by their clients.

So what are your standards?

Do you know what the 'average ticket' value your team should be aiming for?

The same goes for daily client numbers, rebooking, retailing, service turn over and the list goes on!

It's important to know as a salon leader what KPI’s you and your team are aiming for. If you don't know - how can they know if they're winning or missing?

Points to remember;

  • make sure your team understands the KPI’s that you have set up.
  • be consistent when creating your reportable charts.
  • Mine your data... your computer software system will provide you with all the data you are looking or. Get in there and organise it on a separate report that you've designed for your unique business.
  • present to your team weekly KPI’s at the...
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7 Technology Blocks That Are Holding You and Your Salon Back

tech Aug 16, 2021

If you're like most Salon Owners you have a whole heap of tasks to do everyday  time on your computer - the trouble is... do you play nicely together or is it a dysfunctional relationship?


In this week's episode we drop "7 Tech Blocks That Are Holding You Back" and bust those barriers down so you can just get on with your day in a higher productive way.

First up let me explain to you the difference between the 'Cloud' and 'Local' storage... ever wondered why your computer's storage is always full?




When did you last update your computer's operating system? You know that annoying pop up that reminds you that a security update is now a year overdue... so annoying...



Then we take a stroll down 'geek lane' for as we talk Storage and Filing Systems - so DRY... but absolutely super important...



And share t these beautiful folders and files?  DropBox of course...


Passwords driving...

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The truth - "What's a fair hourly rate to pay your hairdressers?"

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2021


This week we answer a question form our member's group... "What's a fair hourly rate to pay?".


That question is a bit deeper than you'd think as it pertains to time and price.

The minimum pay rates are dictated by FairWork - but the current market rate is well above that amount in major centres due to staff shortages and the cost of living in Sydney or Melbourne in particular. For salons there we have stylists asking for Rock Star money for mediocre performance levels.

As some of you know may know I particularly enjoy teaching this subject.

 I think it's critical to understand what's going on and perhaps why your salon or staff are not making hairdressing a profitable venture for you - it's a HUGE topic.

1)you will be asked to use the dreaded spreadsheet So make peace with that (lol!)
2) I'll be demonstrating on Apple's Numbers  but anything will do (ie; Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets)
3) what we cover may break...

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Five Tech Tools Your Salon Needs to Succeed

In this webinar "5 Tech Tools Every Salon Needs" it's so geeky and so much fun if you like that sort of thing - we absolutely do!

See the Video FREE by signing up to a 15 Day Trial here...

So what are the technology tools and applications that every salon needs to not only survive but sets you up to thrive?

We cover in detail all of the usual suspects:

plus a few more that you may not know about or have forgotten about like the sleeping giant email...

Yes that's REALLY $10k

from this simple email...


And so much more...


See the Video FREE by signing up to a 15 Day Trial here...

Hit us up in the Salon Business by the Keeley's FaceBook Group with any questions that you have on this and we'll do our best to answer you.

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Salon Team Meetings - Including Templates and Structures

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2021

Bringing the best out in your Salon team requires a planned disciplined and professional approach from the leader of the salon - 9 times out of 10 that person happens to be you the salon owner.

See the Video FREE by signing up to a 7 Day Trial here...

My biggest wins are created when I focus on the team using the week's KPI results - aka Key Performance Indicators.

Usually a set of numbers and stats generated off your computer's software.

In a nut shell we are taking the feedback from the customers who vote on the KPI’s each week using their $$$$$$$ 



  • Create a weekly and Monthly KPI Report (we will go into this in more detail in our up and coming sessions this month)


  • Focus on your top performing team members FIRST. More often than not they are hard to catch for meetings in the salon as they are heavily booked and give the illusion they need no help or feedback. But let me tell you that 5 mins a week with your top team members to...
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Covid-19 - Must do Checklist to Prepare Your Salon for the Crisis (Australian Focused)

Regardless of if you are Open or Closed, you have a lot to do today... yes today... as in there's no way you should delay these tasks.


For Your Business

Things for you to do immediately are:

  • write to your commercial landlord and begin discussions on easing or eliminating rent for the next 3-6 months. As the PM has said -start the conversation.
  • contact your bank and pause any business loans. Also ask to freeze merchant fees.
  • contact the ATO and be clear as to your commitments to them over the next six months. They're there to help so don't be shy in asking for payment freezes etc.
  • contact your utilities providers: power, gas, telephone, internet, water etc. Ask them if they have Covid 19 aid available.
  • research, research, research... there's a lot of packages coming out and there's constant change. Only take your information from the Government's websites - anything else is unreliable at this stage. Look into every area and stay up to date. Make sure you have the current...
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Salon Retail Stock - SWOT


Salon Retail is an important part of your salon business - it's the second largest income stream for most salons and is a business within your business.

This is an area that with energy and focus more profit can be made in an instant.

In this weeks project its time to to a Retail SWOT:

Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats

Let's start at the start - ask yourself these questions in regard to your retail offerings;

  • Do you have your offerings correct?  By that we mean, is what is on your shelf appealing and welcomed enthusiastically by your clientele?
  • Are you covering brands or lines that cover Fashion, Fun and Science?
  • Are you actually profitable on your current retail lines?
  • What margins are do you currently have?
  • What commission structure do you have in place with your staff for retail sales?

Below is some questions and checks to implement your own Salon Retail SWOT and where possible make sure you answer the questions with data from your...

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Salon Stock... 

it's the second biggest expense to your salon behind your employment costs. So why do we all ignore it and put it in the 'too hard basket'?

Perhaps it seems too daunting to really take a grip or perhaps it would be 'too serious an issue' to place a system around your stock spend?

Before you scroll away and distract yourself with a more fun topic let's take a quick peek at these figures... these are our past professional stock spend figures.

In this video Belinda Keeley tells her story of cracking down on her salon's stock spend and what that system means to the profitability of her salons... long story short her salon stock control systems took a $600k turnover salon from a spend of $108K per year to a $1.8m salon spending only $50k per year... and thats a colour specialist salon!

Would you like to know how?

Watch the entire video to hear how she did it - members log into your library.

Non-members - join now to watch for FREE...

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