Salon Team Meetings - Including Templates and Structures

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Bringing the best out in your Salon team requires a planned disciplined and professional approach from the leader of the salon - 9 times out of 10 that person happens to be you the salon owner.

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My biggest wins are created when I focus on the team using the week's KPI results - aka Key Performance Indicators.

Usually a set of numbers and stats generated off your computer's software.

In a nut shell we are taking the feedback from the customers who vote on the KPI’s each week using their $$$$$$$ 



  • Create a weekly and Monthly KPI Report (we will go into this in more detail in our up and coming sessions this month)


  • Focus on your top performing team members FIRST. More often than not they are hard to catch for meetings in the salon as they are heavily booked and give the illusion they need no help or feedback. But let me tell you that 5 mins a week with your top team members to give thanks, congratulate and suggest areas of focus will often result in huge gains. They are your 'responders', they can lift, they enjoy praise, goal setting and achieving. 


  • Give each team member the same time limits and structured agendas each week for the One on One meeting


  • If you are creating action lists in meetings... beware you are not just compiling yourself a to do list. But instead, focus on empowering your team to act on their own To-Do lists to support their pathway to ultimate success.


  • Consistency is KEY! 


  • Keep general annoying house keeping issues and dramas to a minimum in the performance meetings.  


  • Team meetings should not be feared by your team…this is your platform to cheer and lift your team to reach its potential. 


  • Always celebrate small or large achievements in your team.


Daily Team Kick Off

Just 3-5 min every day just before first clients arrive. 

-Celebrate success from the previous working day. 

-Focus of the day.

-Unlock any booking bottlenecks.

-low stock alerts  

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Monthly Team Breakfast 

60 min first Saturday of every month. 

-Celebrate and review KPI Success.

-Celebrate Birthdays, new team members joint, old team member fair-wells, team member milestones, goals achieved etc. 

-Celebrate share any Education or Industry events attended.

-Whats New?

-Whats Coming up.

-Key Focus for up coming Month.

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Weekly One on One  

5-10 min early in the working week on the hop 

Based off previous week's KPI results.

-Celebrate success from previous week.

-What can we improve on from previous week.

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Monthly One on One 

30 min booked in as an appointment.

Based off previous months KPI results. 

-KPI review.

-Celebrate what has worked.

-What can be improved?

-Key focus for up coming Month.

-Roster review, education and development review and general matters review.  

Monthly One on One - Download now


Please post any wins or questions in the FB LIVE and be sure to catch up on all the previous webinars on using your log in….Our resource library is getting quite substantial! 

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Belinda and Carl Keeley


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