Covid-19 - Must do Checklist to Prepare Your Salon for the Crisis (Australian Focused)

Regardless of if you are Open or Closed, you have a lot to do today... yes today... as in there's no way you should delay these tasks.


For Your Business

Things for you to do immediately are:

  • write to your commercial landlord and begin discussions on easing or eliminating rent for the next 3-6 months. As the PM has said -start the conversation.
  • contact your bank and pause any business loans. Also ask to freeze merchant fees.
  • contact the ATO and be clear as to your commitments to them over the next six months. They're there to help so don't be shy in asking for payment freezes etc.
  • contact your utilities providers: power, gas, telephone, internet, water etc. Ask them if they have Covid 19 aid available.
  • research, research, research... there's a lot of packages coming out and there's constant change. Only take your information from the Government's websites - anything else is unreliable at this stage. Look into every area and stay up to date. Make sure you have the current facts before acting to avoid poor decision making.
  • contact your accountant and/or employment advisor. These professionals are in the 'must have' category in order to pick your way through this crisis.
  • Get the Government's 'Covid 19' app from the Apple App Store or Android store. Use it.

For Your Staff

  • communicate clearly to keep them in the loop. Knowledge means clarity for them and for yourself.
  • be calm - if the leader panics or shows fear your team will mimic that behaviour. Be strong for them.
  • research different options before making a jump this way or that way - and know the consequences of any potential strategy you take. Discuss these with them so they know you're working on the best possible outcome for all.

For You Personally

  • contact your \bank to pause to pause your mortgage. If you rent, contact your landlord to discus what they can do for you.
  • also at the bank freeze any personal loans, car loans, lines of credit or credit cards.
  • if you have children inquire about differing there fees - especially private school fees.
  • go through your personal spending and slash any cost that you can live without. This isn't the time for any little extras or holidays.

For You Clients

  • communicate the state of play at this moment. Use direct methods such as email or SMS - these reach actual customers. Social media may also work but beware that most posts or stories aren't seen by your followers. It may be best to use a mixture of channels to get the best push through.
  • up date your website, Google My Business, Instagram profile and Facebook Page to let them know if you're open or closed right now.
  • Call them - if you know your clients well why not just pick up the phone and have a chat. Talking works.

That is a big list and we're sure there's even more to do than just the above.

So... let's all get to work on this now.

Who knows what tomorrow or next week will bring but .... we've got this.


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