Salon Culture - the 'A Trip to Mars' Exercise



We all know that the last month of two has been super stressful! Hopefully for those of us in Australia and New Zealand there's light at the end of this tunnel.

One area that the recent stress test has taught us is that our Salon Culture is critical to our success. How's your salon culture held up under pressure? Has your team delighted you or surprised you in some way?

In this webinar we look at your salon's Team Culture and use an exercise called 'Mission to Mars' to help your team and yourself uncover what your true Values are. These may surprise you🤔

We use an exercise called 'Mission to Mars' to workshop outr team's values every six months or so. Here's how it goes...

Sit your entire team down (in front of remote screens if needed) and let them know you'll be doing a 30min 'Team Values' brainstorm. Let them know that every team members input is needed and required to make this work.

Read them this exercise..."Humans are set to colonise Mars for the first time. Your company has been selected to open a salon on Mars to cater for the new inhabitants. You'll need three or four people to open up the salon. Who would they choose for the mission and why?"

Here's the rules:

  • no names - to avoid hurt feelings if not selected
  • they're to choose based on work characteristics (ie; is fun to work with, has high professional standards, is customer focused etc)
  • they can choose themselves but must say why
  • as each person reports back their selections and reasons why they choose them add the key describing words to a white board fr all to see. If a word occurs more than once give it an extra 'tick'.
  • at the end of the brainstorm you will have 4-6 common key words that will reflect your team's values. They might be something like; hard working, high skill level, customer focused etc.

These 'power words' are your Team Values and these will set your salon's culture.

We did for get to mention that the Team's Values may not align to your own or your desired values for your business. Guess what... you may have hired the wrong people - we'll cover that in another webinar soon to help you out of that situation.

'Values' or 'Salon Culture' are great words but without actions they don't mean much and they certainly won't produce the desired results without nurturing them. So, once you've defined what these are it's important that you hero them in your Salon Meetings and in all communications to your team.

The "Team Meeting Templates" for all of your salon meetings are in the Membership area of the website log into there and look for the show of the same name.

Use the meetings templates for your salon and be sure to weave the key power words that define your salon team's beliefs into every communication to help keep the salon culture strong.

Let  us know what you discover about your salon team's values in the Salon by the Keeley's Member's FaceBook Group


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