Keeping Your Salon Workplace Connected!

Communication – Leadership – Information Sharing – Support


Over-communicate … yep, it’s a word … add this to your new list of ‘vocab’ we have learnt since COVID-19.


In a time like no other, we all need to stay connected, and specifically in the hairdressing industry workplace. With spaced out rosters, salon closures, re-openings, developing and changing information, our workforce needs your salon owner leadership.

If you are a leader in your workplace, now is the time to lead, connect, share information and offer support to your workplace and team.

It’s time to make communication personal with your team! May I add it’s time to over-communicate! Forget emails … let’s get face to face using technology.



Team video catch-ups

Zoom catch-ups! Video technology like Zoom allows you to stay visually connected … and let’s face it, hairdressers are visual people at the core! On Zoom you can have daily or weekly meetings and the catch-ups can actually be recorded if need be.

Or if Facebook is your jam, via Messenger groups you can have visual catch-ups … which is even better than Zoom, as you can have hours of fun with using filters, glasses, bows in your hair, 80’s pink hair and space helmets – this has taken serious tense moments and added some light-hearted fun that we all need now!


Create a communication hub

Share your salon management wins with your teams! Any good news you get, it’s time to share. Your team are just as worried for you as you are for them on the most part … rent reductions, product company trading terms. Now is the time to share information! Make sure you utilise live streams also! Real-time chats are the best!


You don’t have to write long emails to communicate

Loom sharing … Let’s face it, most hairdressers are not really good at long-winded emails … so, now more than ever, we’ve been recommending to all our salon business coaching clients to have a look into Loom – it allows you to take a screencast to help explain something you need – us hairdressers are much more likely to watch a screencast over reading a two-page email.


Task management tools

Your salon business may be shut or it may be open, but together with your team, there is still so much to be done! Have a quick check out of these nifty little apps that will help get you together with your team on task!

How are you keeping your team engaged?

Paint your future picture with your team … it’s time to think lateral!

Share your future goals and business plans – yes, they need to be fluid as our situation is changing day by day, but I know in your head right now … you have a future vision for your salon business and your team! How can you engage your team in further learning, progress their skill sets? Our global COVID-19 epidemic is temporary, and as a sports fan I took great comfort and had a moral pick up in the rescheduling of the Olympics … you can offer this to your team as well – think ahead of what can you give your team to look forward to in a year, two years, five years! Everything in place currently is temporary … a pause … a hibernation! What will your new normal look like in the future?


  • Online learning
  • Online shopping
  • Ideas to keep connected with your customer base
  • Ideas to support your hair community
  • Website SEO
  • Social media content creation
  • Salon software courses
  • Salon management courses
  • Trichology course
  • Product courses
  • Technical courses
  • Salon improvements
  • Creative projects

Support your team

Every single person deals with stress, loss, change in their own way. Please be sure to share all the services available if they should ever need – below are just a few I felt the need to share.


Inject some fun and humour into your salon team

We can all truly appreciate the seriousness of the situation but it is important to make your team smile and have a laugh where possible! There are some of the best memes of all time circulating … especially for our industry. Let’s keep sharing them with each other! And Sophie Monk … bless you! Keep the good vibes coming.

Salon Owners … you need help and support as well

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