Is Covid-19 the Ultimate Cleansing Storm - What Can we Learn From This For Your Salon Business?

Is Covid-19 the Ultimate Cleansing Storm - What Can we Learn From This For Your Salon Business?


This current unprecedented disruption to our businesses and our lives may just give us all an opportunity to reflect, rethink and ultimately rebirth our salons.

The Covid-19 pandemic might just have a silver lining  in amongst the darkness it's  bought to us all. This week we explore - what we can learn from this.


PLUS - we'll recap Job Keeper, Job Seeker and the Commercial rents relief package.


The content or this week's webinar are:

  • Recap - Last Week's 'to do list'... have you got that all completed to ensure your 'house' is in order?
  • Job Keeper explained. Now that this is passed through Parliament what do we know? 
  • Commercial Rentals explained. How this works and is it linked to Job Keeper?
  • Your Questions on the above.


Then in the next segment we ask 

'Is Covid-19 the Ultimate 'Cleansing Storm' -and 'What Can we Learn From This?'.

Let's think this through... when has the world ever stopped still and gone into a coma like state before? The answer is never - never before in history have humans hit the 'pause button'. This is an incredible opportunity to take stock of your business life and make some real decisions on it's future.

Here's the questions we'd ask ourselves about our salons;

  • What Worked and What Didn't Work? Honestly make a list of what your hits and misses have been. 

  • Did My Leadership Hold Up Under Pressure? This has been the ultimate test. How are you gong with it? Remember it's not about being perfect - it's about seeing opportunities for self development. Tough times make for massive learning opportunities.

  • Did Our Salon/Team Culture & Values Hold Up? Did you have unity or mutiny? How did your people behave under this pressure and fear? There's so much you can learn by the actions of your tribe in this situation.

  • Do I Have The Right Business Model? Would I Change Anything? If you were thinking of a change... now's the time to go for it. There will never be a better time for a rebirth than now.

  • Do I Have The People? It's so tough to admit, but under duress some people just aren't with you and they aren't willing to go to back you going forward. This is the time to take note and plan a future without 'fair weather friends' living off you and giving nothing back in return - say goodbye baby.


Stay strong and remember we can all get through this together.


Best Regards,

Carl & Belinda Keeley.


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