7 Technology Blocks That Are Holding You and Your Salon Back

tech Aug 16, 2021

If you're like most Salon Owners you have a whole heap of tasks to do everyday  time on your computer - the trouble is... do you play nicely together or is it a dysfunctional relationship?


In this week's episode we drop "7 Tech Blocks That Are Holding You Back" and bust those barriers down so you can just get on with your day in a higher productive way.

First up let me explain to you the difference between the 'Cloud' and 'Local' storage... ever wondered why your computer's storage is always full?




When did you last update your computer's operating system? You know that annoying pop up that reminds you that a security update is now a year overdue... so annoying...



Then we take a stroll down 'geek lane' for as we talk Storage and Filing Systems - so DRY... but absolutely super important...



And share t these beautiful folders and files?  DropBox of course...


Passwords driving you crazy too? Just grab LastPass and you'll be sorted once and for all.



Drowning in email like the rest of the world? I bet you are - no prob check this out Inbox Zero



 And... that's a wrap for Tech month! 

We hope you enjoyed it, even the really really dry bits lol.



Now get to work on smoothing out all of your tech hassles once and for all.



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